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Newtons Laws Of Motion – Life's Point Of View

Newtons Laws Of Motion – Life's Point Of View :

Hi Friends,

This is my first blog post. Reading and writing are the two things which come to my mind as the last options to pass free time. So I guess you guys can understand how much bored I'm. But I hope this blog post will make you feel the other way around. I'm not very much into writing so please bear with me. ;)

"Newtons Laws Of Motion", the moment we listen to this, we, for sure, go back to our beautiful school days and yeah we definitely remember an "APPLE" . The ‘apple’ which changed the way the world works by sacrificing itself (falling down from the tree) ;) . Really, think what would have happened if that apple didn't had fallen down at that time? ;)  No gravity equations, no 2 and 10 marks questions based on value ‘g’, and, definitely, nothing would have been the same way how it is right now. 

Once I was thinking about these laws, not sitting under the apple tree though, that we can apply these laws not only in science and in equations to find weights and velocities but in everything what we do in our day to day life. Try it, name one and I'm sure that you can apply these laws. When you do apply, I'm sure of one thing that your way of thinking will change and you will find solution to any problem (mostly, I believe). It works, experienced. Don’t believe me? then go on reading, I hope you might change your mind.

Newtons First Law : 

“Static objects will be static, moving objects will be moving until unless an external force acts on them”

Now apply this to anything in your life. Example, take any Idea/goal/Dream of yours. You have a great Idea to do something or you have a Goal to achieve. This Idea will remain as an idea and the Goal will remain as a goal until you start working on implementing that Idea or to achieve that Goal. For this, you have to provide external energy which is, in this case, your interest and your effort. If you put these two, the journey starts towards realizing it, it’s a success or a failure. But hey, not everyone get what they want in the first try :)  does it make sense ? do u agree with this? Well I hope u do :) now we will go for the second law.

Newtons Second Law :

“Acceleration produces when an external force acts on a mass. Greater the mass greater the force you need to accelerate it”

This is actually continuation of first law. Let me tell you how, with the same example. You show your interest and put your effort on starting towards your Idea or Goal, then what? Just starting won’t be enough right? You will have to show the same interest and put your effort throughout the way till wear the success tag. You start a task and work on the way to its success and never stop until you see the board with “Success” written on it.  Bigger the Idea bigger the conflicts and challenges come in the way so obviously more effort and more interest you have to show. So I guess that explains Second law :)

Newtons Third Law :

 “There is an equal and opposite reaction to each and every action”

   I think this is the main and a single law which can define the above both. Let me explain with the same example, when you work hard you get good result. When you work harder you get better result. It just goes like this. But I believe there is never a best result, always you can do better. It just depends on how hard you try and how much effort you put.  So there is always a good/bad reaction for the good/bad things you do. 

This law works very well, I believe, in solving problems in human relations. If you choose to work out the relation, when in problems or misunderstandings, then the reaction will be positive. Relation will work out. If you choose the other way, then obviously negative reaction. Never show egos in relations, in fact in any matter, so that you will never regret in future and I’m sure that you will forget how to spell “E n e m y”.

This is what I understood by these 3 great Laws. I believe that if you really understand and follow these three laws in your life, everything will work out and you realize your dreams and goals. For a man to be happy first thing he needs is a happy relationship and peaceful mind which you can have by following these 3 laws :) Thanks to Newton for showing a bright path for better future of all :)  

I think this is time I should put a “.” Before you start feeling bored of this philosophy ;) Okay guys, I hope you liked it. I really want to know your comments. Try to use these Laws in whatever you do, I started using the first result is this blog :) Find out what you can realize :)  Have a great day :) 

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